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Personal life is just as important as professional…. If you are doing it right, each should be nourishing each other in a beneficial way.

Since a young age I knew this to be true. I’ve done everything in my power to get out and experience the world through travel, adventure and the local community. Most recently, returning from a 6-month trip to Australia.

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A few agencies, a handful of startups, a good deal of travel and hard work has landed me where I am today. A graduate from the University of Minnesota, I find myself calling Minneapolis home! From a young age I always had my eyes set on brands+tech + experiences and have been very fortunate to find myself passionate about bringing this to life within unique and interesting spaces…all in the name of brand and company promotion.
It is often difficult explaining exactly what I do when I tell people I take live innovation and slam it into brands, since it is much more tactile than that. The truth is, everything from facial detection to live activations are all within reach as my experience up to now has positioned me perfectly for some incredible things to come.