The state of media today is fragmented. Consumers are bombarded with more marketing messages than ever, while attention spans, multitasking and other human traits are quickly adapting in parallel.

Many brands and marketers today prove laggards, continuing to invest in low-impact platforms that yield minimal results, especially in this saturated market.

This keynote experience highlights the current state of engagement fragmentation we see today on all channels, digital and physical, and empowers audiences with strategies to cut through this clutter and add personalized value in each interaction to ensure relevance in this rapidly changing landscape.

Points of Proof
  • The average attention span of consumers today is just eight seconds, less than the standard goldfish.
  • Today, in the U.S., consumers are exposed to over 5,000 ads per day, a number that continues to increase each year, exponentially.
    95% of digital ad spending continues to funnel through two main companies; Facebook and Google, often leaving other, more effective, opportunities laid to the wayside.
  • Due to the rise in digital, brands now have an opportunity to reach audiences at any part of the day, creating brand conversations that truly never have to end.
  • With the power of this always-on reach, a strategic balance must be put into place as consumers are becoming nimble, tuning out the ever-growing, unwanted chatter through evolving technologies such as ad-blockers.

Working with the consumer shift to new and emerging forms of media channels and consumption.

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