A time of rapid change.

Consumer confidence is skyrocketing thanks to new retail platforms that offer the ideal experience for spending hard-earned money. Shoppers can now act on their “need-it-now” mindset to purchase almost any item, any time, from anywhere. This new retail landscape is becoming more and more intangible as consumers flow through the path of least transactional resistance, and brands that embrace emerging mediums and technologies are seeing the greatest success.

This Retail Revolution keynote experience looks at actionable items to transform any organization into problem-solvers developing brand strategies and go-to-market plans that push the limits of creativity and innovation within this space. With this mission in mind, revitalized brands can not only create a plan to reach customers in the moment, but also provide a new level of personalized service and innovative experiences to help drive loyalty and success in the midst of the retail revolution.

Points of Proof
  • The ways retailers can connect with customers continue to evolve. By taking advantage of new mediums, brand conversations and value can continue to grow even deeper using these trends.
  • Because of the always-on nature of these brand connections, technology platforms can and should be used to expand and augment the shopping experience.
  • Brick-and-mortar continues to deliver on the experience customers demand.
  • To win, retailers must focus on the experiences only they can offer, while extending and improving through the introduction of new tools and platforms.
  • In this fight for attention, each visit must be personalized in order to add greater value.

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